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Thank you for visiting the world of VRation.

If you like what you see please come send us some Facebook loving at or on @VRation.

If you have any questions or comments, please click the Contact Us button up top.

Here is a brief summary of how things work (there is also an instructional YouTube right above this text).

Click on the Downloads button and select the appropriate download link for your Operating System--Mac or PC. We promise you the program is totally safe, though if you're a Mac user you may see a warning that "The app you tried to open was not registered with Apple by an identified developer." Here is a quick link from Apple on how to fix that issue: Once you have unzipped the folder you just downloaded and application, you will be presented with a variety of screen resolutions and options for graphics quality.

Choose accordingly depending on your screen size and how powerful your computer is when it comes to running video games or other complicted programs (i.e. if your computer is not that great, stick with the Good setting and leave it Windowed and at 1280x764 resolution, but if you have a beast machine and some big screens, feel free to up the resolution and choose Fantastic quality). Click the Play! button.

Now that you're actually in the world - HEY LOOK AT THIS PLACE! You may have seen dozens of awesome concerts here, we know we certainly did. Here are the basics of the control scheme:

Arrow Keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) will move you forwards and backwards and turn where you're facing. The U key tilts your camera up. The J key tilts your camera down.

Use your mouse to click on any of the Album Cubes floating around or any of the buttons of the interface. These are all pictures uploaded by fans of Coachella (and to a lesser extent, VRation) that were uploaded and physically placed around the Polo Fields by our users when the Virtual Coachella 2014 database was still live--we have since taken it down as we are redesigning it for 2015 with way better features.

In the upper-right hand corner of the screen there is a button called Levels - this will allow you to switch between a few different scenes including Daytime, Sunset, Nighttime (super cool lighting there), and also overhead maps for each camping lot for each respective weekend.

For campers, select your appropriate lot and weekend and you'll see a relatively clear overhead picture of all the cars and tents in that lot. The shots were taken from a helicopter so be a little forgiving if they're not 100% crisp and clear, and were taken Saturday of Weekend 1 and Sunday of Weekend 2 respectively.

You can move around the camp lot like a Google map and use the zoom bar at the top to zoom in and pinpoint your specific campsite. When the photo placement thing was still working the idea was to be able to create a photo album over your campsite for your campmates to all share your memories in--this will be back in 2015.

Okay, that is all for right now - we hope you enjoy what we have built here and please tell all your friends. We truly want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone to be able to store and share their memories of our favorite place in the whole world. =)

Again, please send any comments, compliments, complaints, senseless hatred and/or love, as well as any bugs you discover or additional features you'd like to see implemented over by clicking the Contact Us button up top to email who will reply to you promptly.

With Much Virtual Love,

The Crew at

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